The Wildewood Shop

Our small brick-and-mortar shop is inspired by nature and craft, hearth and home, and our love for mountain life.

Stop by the shop


 10 AM - 6 PM

52 River Street
Helen, GA 30545




The word ‘wildewood’ is a very old word meaning ‘a wood or forest untouched by humans or in its natural state.’

Several tall and beautiful trees shade our building. One of these is a walnut tree and it grows straight through the center of our front porch. Its roots spread out beneath us and its branches stretch out above us. The shop was originally built around it and we still work hard to take care of it.

When people walk onto our porch, they often stare at the old tree in surprise; some tell their friends and family to ‘look at that!’; some will walk over to it, circle around it, and then even touch the bark just to see if it’s real. These are great moments to watch— people finding a bit of nature where they didn’t expect it to be.

And we hope a bit of nature keeps shining through all the goods we sell.


Our Goods

We sell all kinds of things:
- nice t-shirts and hats
-accessories for him or her
-hand-crafted jewelry with natural stones
-masterfully crafted knives and axes
- windchimes that look and sound beautiful
-picture-perfect birdhouses and garden decor
-inspirational signs for your home
-cool gems, rocks, and geodes
-and simple toys for the kids